about this work

This artistic project critically interrogates the content and use of Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Current patient healthcare data is very fragmented, distributed across several locations and dependent on the medical disciplines involved in… Continue reading

feeling at home with your data

“You’ve made me question where my data is and who has access to it” How can a patient get a better understanding of their data, a feeling for their health record? In our… Continue reading


To view someone through their Electronic Health Record alone is highly reductionist and deals with only fragments. You can’t get a whole picture of the person, their general health, or use it for personalised… Continue reading


A ‘desirable dossier’ would be about health and the person, rather than about isolated problem patches. Being with your data and taking the lead in it leads to a world of possibilities and a… Continue reading


In most cases we have seen, the connector of these isolated clumps of data is still a human. Until we can create a ‘translate’ function between disciplines in healthcare, it is still people… Continue reading


  We heard the need for personal and contextual information. We put together a holistic view of the patient based on patient and practitioner suggestions to gel the record information into one, whether… Continue reading

i c t

Has ICT failed us? ICT helps and hinders at the same time. Progress in ICT can help us bridge gaps by analysing big data or creating a virtual physiological human. An electronic health record… Continue reading

installation (and audio)

the installation: 10th & 11th May 2014 Brussels FoAM / presentation at the European Commission installation tablet 1: Current data / EHR tablet 2: Suggestions towards input for a new augmented EHR exhibition:… Continue reading


Ultimately our work has led us to deeper issues such as how do you yourself and others deal with you and your health? Our installation brings together patient and practitioner stories, dream images… Continue reading